My husband Ron, and I, with the help of one of the clubís former presidentís, Phil Buzzuto, started the Rider Motor Cycle Touring Club in 1986. We have made many new friends and reacquainted with old friends through the Club over the years. Many rides, rallies, and get togethers; they have all been great.

The club is open to all brands and styles. My family, has become a Harley family. Husband, Ron rides a 86 Liberty Edition FLT; Son, Dean and 84 FLT that looks like an FLHS (a little rework here), Son, Kevin a 95 Dynaglide, and I tool around on a 90 Ultraglide.

The first three years of the Lake George, NY touring Rally were known as Aspencade. I was the 1983 Aspencade Queen. After that, Ron and I were on the Aspencade/Americade Staff for ten years. We started the Club under the Rider Magazine umbrella and helped with several of the Rider Rallies. With the assistance of the Rider Club and the Bushkill Valley MC, we planned, coordinated, and ran the motorcycle tours and events for the 1990 Rider Rally in Vernon Valley, NJ and then a Rally in the Poconos several years later.

On a personal basis, I have been riding since 1981. Bikes included a Honda CB200, Yamaha 400 Special, Yamaha 650 Maximum, Yamaha XS 1100, Harley FLT and now my Ultra.

I have worked in the Purchasing Profession for fourteen years and have been selling real estate since 1988. Unfortunately, work cuts in to riding time, but what can you do; if you want to play you have to pay and I guess that means take time out for work. If you would like to go on a ride with the Club, or buy a house, contact me at